Chakra Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag

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If there’s anything harder to clean than red wine from a white top, it has to be a yoga mat after your cat decides to use it as a scratching post. Not to mention trying to guard it against the elements (rain, subway dirt, pollen, all-around germs) when you’re on the go. Luckily, there is a “Chakra Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag” to keep your pose platform tidy.


Unlike any other type of bag that you might be thinking of using to carry your mat, yoga mat bags come designed to perfectly fit your mat size. That means regardless of your mat size, you won’t have to jam it in as you often would with a conventional bag, which can leave your mat with unsightly wrinkles.

A Better Protection:

In addition to preventing wrinkles, a yoga mat bag also provides better protection against weather elements compared to carrying your mat on a bike. With this yoga mat bag, your mat will be more protected from bacterial growth. That’s because it comes with breathable construction to air out your mat which helps prevent bacterial build-up and odors.

has versatile functionality:

A chic, functional spin on a classic essential, our Chakra Mat Bag is roomy enough to fit most yoga mat sizes. Features an exterior zip pocket, cinch closure, and adjustable shoulder strap. This kind of functionality will come in handy if you have other businesses to attend to right after your yoga class because it means you won’t have to rush back to grab items that you might need.

Outstanding Quality: 

We believe in earning your trust and loyalty. That's why our “Chakra Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag” is the finest in the industry, surpassing all other brands out there. Moreover, We ensure that the products you receive from us are made of high-quality materials and are free of defects. If you're unsatisfied with the quality of the “Chakra Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag”, Simply send them back to us and we will refund you in full. 

Why You Have It:

  • Adjustable shoulder strap for custom length
  • Exterior zip pocket
  • Roomy enough to hold most yoga mat sizes
  • Keep your mat rolled up
  • Protect your gear from dirt, grime, and the elements
  • Less cleaning
  • Less organizational issues
  • Easy to stash at the studio
  • Sling it over your shoulder on-the-go
  • No annoying mat straps (or that terrible velcro sound)


  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Measurements: 24"L x 6" diameter.