Adjustable Indoor Fitness Door Frame Pull Up Bar

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Pull-ups are an excellent form of exercise: They target your back, shoulders, arms and core, and even challenge your grip strength. If you're trying to get better at pull-ups or make them a daily part of your workout regimen, it's helpful to have a bar readily accessible at home. No matter your budget or space, this "Doorway Pull-Up Bar" will make a positive addition to your home gym. 


Durably Designed:

Made of top-grade steel, the pull-up bar is built to last and fits in door frames up to 92.5cm / 36.41'' and 15cm-20cm door frame thickness. The improved pull-up bar also has foam handles that protect molding and paint while holding up to 300lbs. For extra peace of mind, install the optional z bracket so even the most intense workout sessions will feel secure.


Comfortable Grip:

Six Non-slip grip positions to comfortably perform wide, narrow and neutral-grip exercises. Six cushioned grips help to prevent slipping and callous formation, giving you the ability to perform exercises from various angles.


Multiple Ways to Train:

The cushioned grips allow you to work different muscles and perform different exercises safely and without calluses. Do pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging crunches and leg raises or place on the floor against the doorframe for dips and crunches.


Space Saving: 

Don't worry about the pull-up bar being a site for sore eyes! Simply take the pull-up bar down whenever you want, the slim design makes it easy to store in closets, between shelves, or underneath the couch!


Outstanding Quality: 

We will ensure that products you receive from us are made of high-quality materials and are free of defects.

Why you have It:

  • Get full range of motion to pull up workouts that effectively build muscle across the chest, arms, back, and core with pull-ups, push-ups, bodyweight rows, dips, and sit-ups.
  • Features 6 padded grips & 8 positions.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction, more stable.
  • No drilling, no fastening required.


Product Name
Pull-Up Bar
Total Length
92.5cm / 36.41''
Main Color
Carbon Steel + Foam
Suitable For Doorframe Thickness

Package Includes:

1 x Pull-Up Bar
1 x User Manual
This product need to be assembled by yourself.