Pro Yoga Stretch Belt
Pro Yoga Stretch Belt
Pro Yoga Stretch Belt
Pro Yoga Stretch Belt
Pro Yoga Stretch Belt
Pro Yoga Stretch Belt
Pro Yoga Stretch Belt
Pro Yoga Stretch Belt

Pro Yoga Stretch Belt

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If you’re new to yoga or trying to master complex positions, our “Pro Yoga Stretch Belt” can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It helps you maintain proper form and spinal alignment while reducing the risk of overstretching and injury in your practice.

Additionally, owning the best “Pro Yoga Stretch Belt” helps you do all the stretching poses without a sweat. They elongate your muscles and improve your flexibility. Not only will it keep your muscles flexible, but it will also prepare you for a full range of motions, body toning, and rehabilitation after surgery.

Why You Have It

  • Designed for everyone whether beginner, intermediate or advanced level
  • Increase your flexibility and stretch yourself easier and safer
  • Relaxes Muscles & Joint - promotes blood circulations, reduces soreness
  • Helpful in Physical Therapy Treatments and recovery from injuries
  • Improve your stretching or yoga skills and makes you feel and look younger
  • Multiple Individual Loops allow for multiple poses, increasing your flexibility
  • Two hook-and-loop fasteners secure the footrests to your feet
  • The foldable feature makes it easy to take on the go
  • Ideal for Pilates, yoga, physical therapy, athletic warm-up, etc.

Stretch and Relax

The yoga strap is perfect for your hands and feet. Offer your body to withstand intensive exercise, increase the range of motion, enhance muscle recovery, reduce the risk of injury and make you more and more flexible. These exercise bands will make you feel younger than ever with this new way to stretch.

Bring Out Your flexibility

With 7 loops, you can hold your stretching positions more accurately and stretch your muscles correctly and safely. Besides, you can also increase and decrease the strength and tightness of your pull to adjust to your desired level of difficulty.

Promotes Physical Fitness

Regular use of the Stretch Loops improves stability, and foot mobility, and supports rehabilitation. It lubricates your joints, increases strength, and promotes overall physical fitness. You can easily carry them wherever you go!

Top-Notch Material to Stand Out

It is machined out of high-strength polyester, cotton, and oxford fabric, which is comfortable and soft to the touch, yet firm and sturdy. It will not tear easily. It can withstand extremely high levels of force and tension when being pulled from various directions simultaneously.

Ergonomic Design

Your safety is most important to us! So, our Pro Yoga Stretch Belt is specially designed to ensure an excellent grip so that your hands and feet don’t slip during intensive stretching. Additionally, Stretch belts with loops can help stretch and prolong the posture stay time, and help to carry out a variety of difficult stretching and relaxation exercises.

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stretching strap

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Stretch Auxiliary

Yoga Auxiliary

Legs Correction

Hassle-Free and Easy to Use

Two hook-and-loop fasteners secure the footrests to your feet. No buckles, no need to tie knots, the yoga exercise stretch strap is so simple and comfy that it’s a pleasure to use even if you have never done it before.

For Pain Release and Muscles Protection:

If you have a static lifestyle, if you sit down a lot, if you want to have better mobility and flexibility, the Stretching Strap is for you. This special band prevents injury and facilitates gradual and gentle stretches that protect your muscles and make you more and more flexible each day.

Convenient Adjustment

Adjust your position according to your needs with our 7 loops stretching strap. The loops are designed to fit your hands and feet perfectly to increase your safety and comfort, thus allowing you to practice a wider range of stretching and yoga positions.

fun for the entire family

From children to seniors. Whether you are a mom, a dad, or a grandma, these fitness bands are right for you. People Love doing fun home exercises with the bands, they are a MUST item for staying in good health. Research has proven that stretch band provides as much benefit in fitness health and strength gains as weights training equipment. Just give it a try and see how would you feel after using the "Pro Yoga Stretch Band".