ProForm Cadence HIIT CS Elliptical
ProForm Cadence HIIT CS Elliptical
ProForm Cadence HIIT CS Elliptical
ProForm Cadence HIIT CS Elliptical
ProForm Cadence HIIT CS Elliptical
ProForm Cadence HIIT CS Elliptical

ProForm Cadence HIIT CS Elliptical

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Combine the cardio-busting movement of climbing stairs with the intensity of boxing for a full-body, low-impact workout on your Pro Form HIIT CS Elliptical.

Become immersed in an exciting destination and studio workouts on your HIIT Trainer’s 7” high-definition touchscreen display.

Follow your favorite iFit trainers through pulse-pounding studio classes, exciting destination workouts, and calorie-busting cross-training exercise as auto-adjusting technology allows your trainer to digitally manipulate your elliptical’s resistance to mimic real-world terrain and customize the difficulty of your workouts to your fitness level.

18 SMART digital resistance levels give you the power to work towards your goals through progressive training, and SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance technology keeps your machine quiet and your transitions through resistance levels smooth. An EKG pulse reader allows you to keep an eye on your heart rate for better insight into your workout and a more personalized exercise experience.

Finally, oversized leveling feet provide essential stability for your HIIT training elliptical, whether your ProForm machine is housed over carpet, hardwood, or tile.

Experience iFit Personal Training

  • Top Trainers: iFit brings some of the best personal trainers in the world straight to your screen, making it easy to find the perfect coach for you
  • Global Workouts: Embark on a virtual journey around the world with your favorite personal trainer as incline-matching technology digitally adjusts your resistance to mimic real-world terrain
  • Studio Classes: Participate in virtual boutique studio classes
  • Personalized Workouts: Three personally-tailored workouts based on your fitness level and interest are sent to your equipment every day
  • Activation Required: Redeem your 1-Year iFit Membership* to activate your product and gain access to world-class personal training in your home
  • *Credit Card Required - After 1 year, membership auto-renews with fee. WIFI required. Cancel anytime.

7" HD Touchscreen Display

  • Follow your favorite iFit trainer through a variety of exciting studio, destination, and cross-training workouts on this immersive touchscreen
  • Easily track your power output, heart rate, and estimated calorie burn

Soft Touch Upper-Body Grip Handlebars

  • Transform your cardio into a total-body workout thanks to these Soft Touch grips that activate your back, arms, chest, and shoulders as you exercise

18 SMART Digital Resistance Levels

  • Customize every workout to your fitness level by seamlessly toggling between 18 digital resistance levels
  • iFit features auto-adjusting technology, where your trainer will digitally modify your elliptical's resistance to mimic real-world terrain and customize your workout to your current fitness level

SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance

  • Keep an eye on your heart rate with these integrated sensors that give an almost instant estimate of your pulse
  • Tailor your workout to your heart rate for an additional challenge that will fit your exercise to your fitness level
  • **Not a medical device. Accuracy may vary depending on activity and physiology

Oversized Stabilizing Levels

  • Get rid of unwanted movement with these oversized leveling feet designed to stabilize your workout no matter what surface your elliptical is housed on

CoolAire Workout Fan

  • This integrated workout fan provides cooling relief through your most intense training sessions

Oversized, Cushioned Pedals

  • Two large pedals provide a stable foundation for your exercise by cradling your feet as you work out and offering a comfortable layer of cushioning

300 lb. Weight Capacity

10-Year Frame Warranty

4. ProForm Cadence HIIT CS Elliptical
Get all the benefits of going up the stairs and working out both lower and upper body muscles in just twenty minutes. This HIIT CS elliptical is an excellent investment if you're short on time.

• 18 digital resistance levels
• Integrated workout fan
• Oversized, cushioned pedals
• Sturdy frame
• HD touchscreen display
• Soft-touch grip handlebars

• Easily customize resistance level for each workout to your level of fitness (18 levels)
• Easily track your power output, heart rate, and estimated calorie burn on the HD touch screen
• Oversized stabilizing levels keeps it stable no matter the position
• Cushioned pedals are comfortable on your feet
• The fan keeps you cool even through an intense workout
• You can follow your favorite trainer around the world on the screen
• Three different personalized exercises allow you to choose depending on your fitness
• Ability to tailor your training to your heart rate.