The Buddy System
The Buddy System
The Buddy System
The Buddy System
The Buddy System
The Buddy System

The Buddy System

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The Lebert Buddy System lets you pair up with a workout buddy, making boring reps a thing of the past. Designed for 2 partner resistance training, it provides a great system for building teamwork between spouses, friends, and even kids.

The Buddy System is built with a middle strap that moves smoothly through a center ring, allowing for one arm to provide resistance for the other and providing even bilateral training for both sides of your body.

Constant tension on your muscles creates an effective system of resistance training. Made from ballistic nylon strapping, this tool is built to last with UV protection, durable handles, and heavy-duty stitching and buckles. The Lebert Buddy System encourages teamwork as you partner up to build muscle.

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