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Sports Weight-Bearing Bracelets

Sports Weight-Bearing Bracelets

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Wrist and ankle weights are nothing new or novel per se—in fact, they’ve been around since the ’80s, as evidenced by the canon of the decade’s workout videos—but “Sports Weight-Bearing Bracelets” have truly changed the game, giving the enduring style-forward athleisure movement yet another accessory to the sport. These lightweight wearable workout sidekicks are obviously intended to add a little bit of extra resistance to your lunges, squats, pushup, power walks, and virtually any type of exercise you want to make a bit more challenging.

superior quality:

Made with durable and flexible silicone; The high-quality stainless steel parts ensure the bracelet is comfortable and easy to remove. Fit and not bulky, easy to clean, sweat-resistant, odor resistant.

made to move:

Add consistent yet comfortable resistance to your workout with one-pound wrist and ankle weights from Bala bracelets, hitting your workout results.

training and fitness:

hands-free to tone resistance in the arms, build muscles, and burn fat. For yoga, running, aerobics, pilates, walking, travel, home workouts, basic training, etc..

One Size:

It is additive to any training: yoga, running, aerobics, pilates, walking, travel, home training, basic training, and running late for brunch. Wear them on your wrist. Wear them on your ankles. For men, women, and children.

Quality Assurance: 

We believe in earning your trust and loyalty. That's why our “Sports Weight-Bearing Bracelets” is the finest in the industry, surpassing all other brands out there. Moreover, We ensure that the products you receive from us are made of high-quality materials and are free of defects. If you're unsatisfied with its quality, Simply send them back to us and we will refund you in full. 


  • Material :stainless steel, silicone
  • Weight: about 450 grams
  • Package Contains: One Pair
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